School Music Specialist

Enrichment Programs, Drum Workshops, Fun DJ Program,

Music Cart Musician for Pre-School & Day Care Programs,

Music Director for Graduation, Holiday & Musical Programs

Before and After-School Programs, Field Day,

Drummer for Pit Orchestra and Band

    Working with the Disabled Community

Chris, a life-long musician has been improving the lives of people with intellectual & development disabilities his whole career. From his earliest performance in a nursing home, to concerts at the VA and Special Olympics, multiple performances for Suffolk County BOCES programs, etc., Chris has developed an innovative approach to providing music for the disabled. 

Using his compassion and empathy as much as his considerable music skills and experience, Chris provides music that is interactive, fun and enriching for students/clients and staff alike.. His, "Kids are the Stars" form of programming & music instruction has been a long running success, regularly receiving excellent evaluations.

Chris innovates programming and activities according to the student/clients needs. Many of these aspects are created through observations, innovations and using an organic, holistic approach. This allows many great ideas to spring from the students/clients themselves. These innovations then fold into Chris' programs evolving unique, quality presentations. 

Chris, a gifted singer/songwriter can create songs in real time on any subject including classroom curriculum. Chris plays the guitar, the piano/keyboard, drums and percussion. Chris is also a DJ including for SCOPE Before and After-School programs. Chris is familiar with audio gear, setup and maintenance, musical instrument care, etc.

Chris, a life long aerospace enthusiast knows that above all, NASA looks for team players. Chris likes a team environment and and makes a practice of helping others &  team building. 

Chris has experience creating and implement flexible classroom activities to enhance the education curriculum as needed with music, songs and student/client activity. Chris has created many dance and interactive movement features to many popular songs for his DJ events..

Chris has written his own drum instruction book and has created a new way to learn the drum set through pictures. He can also arrange for orchestra and popular songs and is composing a piano instruction book.

As a music provider, interacting with students/clients, Chris provides a safe environment for all and is conscientious about his responsibilities.

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