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Students of all ages
including adults welcome!
Special needs students

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students for drums,  
 guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, piano/keyboards, trumpet and songwriting instruction

Learning how to play a 
musical instrument is a 
proven confidence builder, makes one smarter and is joyful!

NYSSMA standards, 
band music and 
music reading tutoring 

Essential instruction and methods with value added benefits in math, history, art, vocabulary, geography, etc 

Fun Learning! 
Everyone plays
from the first day!!

Understanding Drum Strokes Tap Buzz Double

Quotes for Chris' DRUM CYLINDER Book

"Finally I've found an easy to use resource for my percussion students.  The Drum Cylinder book takes the mystery out of the rudiments and gives every student what they've been waiting for - easy to understand drum concepts that enables them to achieve success step by step." 

Elementary School Band Director

Annual Recital held called, 
La Petite Reunion or Our Little Party
Quotes About Recital/Jam/Concert

"You should be very proud of the community of  musicians that you have created and cultured . A pleasure to see." Guest Musician

"The recital was great I could have listened all night! The talent in such young people was inspiring and the job you've done with them speaks for itself quite an undertaking putting that all together. My son is really motivated now. Thanks for inviting us." Mom

"THE JAM WAS AMAZING... !!!!!!!!!!! you should be very proud of yourself and your students...  it was  like no other concert  i have been too..just incredible.... !! you are a very talented teacher and the inspiration that  you (and Mrs.. L.) have given these kids to  get involved in music like this is just   priceless..." Mom

                           Quotes about Lessons

"Chris' enthusiasm for all instruments and all types of music has been infectious and my child has benefited greatly from his instruction!" Mom (son/guitar,vocals)

"With lots of patients Chris helps students to express their individual talents." Mom (son/drums)

"Chris' style encourages both beginning and intermediate students on how to build confidence in their ability to play an instrument and themselves as an individual." Dad (daughter/drums, guitar, vocals)

"Chris is a really fun teacher." Student (m) (piano, guitar, drums)

 "Chris is an exceptional teacher because he is an exceptional person. He is able to teach me all aspects of being a drummer; from a technical ability of reading musical notation, to being able to listen to a professional recording, understanding the performance technique and technicalities while also being able to absorb the "soul" of the piece, to the historical cultural of drumming through the decades including jazz, blues, and of course my favorite--Rock and Roll! 

Chris accomplishes all these things while being patient, generous, kind, and always positively supportive." Adult Student (f)

“Whether drums, guitar or keyboards, Chris’ progressive teaching style brings “fun” into learning fundamentals… a truly holistic and successful approach.” Mom (son/guitar, daughter/keyboards, son/drums) 

"I am a college-level classical pianist who has been taking lessons from Chris.  His style of "closed book" teaching has greatly enhanced my knowledge of music theory, composition, and structure, as well as improved my playing abilities as a pianist and violinist. Chris' fun and interesting lessons are filled with valuable and fascinating information that is easy to understand, remember, and practice and has been beneficial to me as a teacher of piano myself. His encouraging and patient personality make him a joy to learn from.  I highly recommend him to anyone." 
                                Young Adult Student (f)

Chris is a patient, caring music instructor for students of all ages and abilities. Special needs students are welcome! Lessons are available for drums, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele and piano  & keyboard . NYSSMA requirements, notation and rudimental skill sets for concert snare drum through Level VI. Drum set instruction. Piano and guitar instruction using popular method books and well as special non-book teaching techniques developed by Chris with benefits to all students including special students. Soloing, lead playing, faking skills, jamming & improvisation are taught as well as preparation for becoming professional musician as needed. Lessons are fun and have value added benefits in vocabulary, math, science and history/culture and clinical results. Lessons may include singing and multi-instruments. 

Music Instruction Special Needs and all ages welcome.

For the drums, drum set, guitar, ukulele, piano & keyboard, song writing, and music reading. Caring, patient, successful methods. Clinical results. Instruction value added for vocabulary, math, science, history/cultural, confidence building, motor skill improvement.

 How to Play the Mult-Bounce Roll

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