Drum Cylinder 

is Big Bang Music Enrichment! Fun & Exciting Drum Program! Live Music!

Drum Cylinder is a participatory drumming program for general audiences of all ages.
Drum Cylinder is an exciting adaptable enrichment program featuring award-winning drummer Chris Patti. Students participate by drumming in an easy to follow “call and response” style and by drumming along to popular songs. 

  Drums  are part of every culture. 
Drum Cylinder is an exciting music and drumming program that
boys,  girls, staff and adults will enjoy equally. 

Chris is a long time enrichment provider and has presented over 3500 school performances to over one million young people! 


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A Hands-On Musical Program for Three & Four Year Old Pre-School Students. This participatory drumming program is just right for the little ones. Chris incorporates live singing, guitar, and drumming while featuring age-appropriate songs such as, If You're Happy and You Know It, Play Your Drum, Old MacDonald, The Wheels on the Bus,The Alphabet Song, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Little Drum Cylinder is educational and fun while reinforcing counting, alphabet, and patterning skills. Kids love the "Big Ending/Hit Once" as well as the big finale that also includes the teachers and director joining in drumming to La Bamba! The program is flexible and adaptable to any theme.

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                                                                                     DRUM CYLINDER COMMENTS

I have great praise for Chris’ Drum Cylinder Program.  Chris has brought his program into my class for the past two years. He immediately ingratiated himself to my second graders with his warmth and enthusiasm.

Every aspect of the program was infused with academic importance and relevance.  The children were active participants in following Chris’s clear and structured directions.

The class was led through a variety of activities that quickly engaged them in the exploration of Rhythm. Through Chris’s gentle nature, I witnessed the captivation of interest and imagination of every child in my class.  The end of the lesson transformed my classroom transformed into a “Drumming Village”.

The Drum Cylinder Program was one of the highlights of our school year and one that every child will remember.

I was so inspired I continued using Chris’s methodology to incorporate this form of music in my classroom for the rest of the year.